A Message from CEO Sophia Lacayo

Great Services, Great Times: Our values, Mission and Vision.

Dear Solasi Customers,

Solasi is a neutral and independent, which allows you to have a real view of the world of agency to provide the best solution to their customers. Our advisors, experts in the practice of Taxes, Accounting and Management, seeking the best strategies and tools available in the industry to increase the visibility and profitability of its customers in managing their services and products.

And this has helped us define a clear purpose, vision and set of values to guide us:

Our Purpose

Be part of the overall development of our customers by offering an umbrella of solutions to their different needs and focus development in the community with the goal of being leaders in the industry.

Our Vision

Our vision reflects the opportunity we see to execute our purpose successfully for our clients: to be the leading global consumer agency Company bringing solutions to clients year-round.

Our Values

Our values are the bedrock for how we act; they are embedded in this simple statement: Great Services, Great Times. This means we take care of our clients; and our Team believes in the people who want to learn and develop professionally trough our services and product.

This is our promise to you: we will be a great company for our employees and customer because we believe in Great Services, Great Times.

Our Partners

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